Snezanna Mladenis of Auto Transporters Pty Ltd has a personal debt of $47,897 with the developer of the website.

An agreement was made in the Southport Magistrates Court on 3 May, 2019 where the original debt (the balance of a $55,000 loan sum being $47,897 due for repayment on 26 Feb 2018) was reduced to $25,667.83 based on an 8th of May 2019 settlement date. This payment date was not met, and has subsequently been extended one final time to 7 August, 2019.

At the time of asking for a loan and signing as a ‘Personal Guarantor’ for its repayment, Mladenis documented that she had $700,000 worth of personal saleable assets.

Due to recent exposure on ‘A Current Affair‘ a large number of people with various interests are watching this page.

Mladenis has advised that she will make a recognisable effort to clear this debt quickly – A record of which is being published below.

Date Payment Received Balance Owing
06 Jun 2019 $800.00 $24,867.83
10 Jun 2019 $800.00 $24,067.83
21 Jun 2019 $800.00 $23,267.83
28 Jun 2019 $800.00 $22,467.83
07 Jul 2019 $800.00 $21,667.83
14 Jul 2019 $800.00 $20,867.83

When the debt is cleared this page will be removed.

If full settlement of the reduced amount is not received by 7 August 2019, the original debt sum minus any payments received will be reinstated, and loan interest as specified by the Queensland Magistrates Court (not currently being addressed) will be included. 


Philippa Coory is a Senior IT Business Analyst, Author, and Licensed Real Estate Agent living on the Gold Coast of Australia. She is a well known Human Rights Activist who has been publicly exposing and campaigning against Organisational Crime and Corruption since 2010. Coory’s latest book “The Truth About the EQC” is currently being assessed as part of the ‘Public Inquiry into the Activities of the New Zealand Government’s Earthquake Commission’. Coory was also instrumental in the development of the Business Case for the University of Canterbury’s New Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.