Auto Transporters is the name that describes what every car carrier in Australia does.

We think it’s great to have the domain name that everyone can relate to (especially Google), but unfortunately there are some negatives with this.

We cannot claim or be responsible for the feedback that relates to other companies who provide auto transportation services.

For that reason, we are continuously working to ensure the service we offer is improving to the point that no other auto transporter can compete with us or compare with the work we do. And to every customer, we provide a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee so our good name is protected and our growth and progress is sustained.

The auto transportation business in Australia and worldwide in general has always been recognized as having a very high number of risks which can include but are not limited to, vehicle damage from handling, and unpredictable delivery delays. These risks are recognized in our high insurance premiums and in the excess fee that you must pay should any damage occur. This doesn’t apply just to us, it applies to everyone in the industry!

“As the original ‘Auto Transporters’ however, we make it our business to be continuously working to improve what we do so we are able to provide the best service in the industry with confidence”.

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